A Gratitude-Filled Journey: My 8 Years at Virtusa Sri Lanka

I am thrilled to share my journey of growth and development over my 8 years of career as an Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) professional at Virtusa Sri Lanka. I joined the company in 2008 as an Associate Engineer and by the time I resigned in 2016, I had progressed to become a Lead Consultant in Application Support and Maintenance. My experience at Virtusa was nothing short of transformative, and I credit much of my professional growth to the company’s culture and the opportunities it provided me.

When I first joined Virtusa in 2008, I had 5 years of experience as a developer, but I took a chance to change the field to Application Support and Maintenance with the opportunity I got from Virtusa. I was excited to be a part of a company that was at the forefront of technology and innovation, but I was also aware of the steep learning curve ahead of me. However, from day one, I was greeted with a supportive and encouraging work environment which helped me to quickly adapt to the role and the responsibilities that came with it.

One of the key factors that helped me to grow as an ASM engineer at Virtusa was the company’s emphasis on training and development. Virtusa is committed to investing in its employees and provides a wide range of training programs and certifications to help them stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. I was given the opportunity to attend various training programs and certifications, which helped me to expand my knowledge and skills in my field.

Another aspect that helped me to grow as an ASM engineer at Virtusa was the company’s culture of continuous improvement. Virtusa encourages its employees to strive for excellence and to constantly look for ways to improve and innovate. I was given the opportunity to work on various projects within a large Telco account, which gave me the chance to apply my knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios. Additionally, I was encouraged to share my ideas and suggestions and to contribute to the company’s culture of continuous improvement.

In addition, Virtusa provided me with ample opportunities to take on leadership roles, which helped me to grow as a professional. I was given the opportunity to lead teams, manage projects, and work closely with clients. These experiences helped me to develop my leadership skills and to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of managing a team and a project.

Furthermore, Virtusa is a global company with a diverse workforce, and this diversity played a vital role in my professional growth. I had the opportunity to work with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds and cultures, which helped me to develop a global perspective and to learn about different ways of working.

Finally, I would like to highlight the importance of the mentorship and guidance provided by my managers and colleagues. Throughout my journey at Virtusa, I had the opportunity to work with experienced and skilled professionals who provided me with valuable insights, guidance, and support. Their mentorship was instrumental in my growth and development as an ASM SME.

In conclusion, my 8+ years at Virtusa Sri Lanka were a journey of growth and development. The company’s culture of training and development, continuous improvement, leadership opportunities, diversity, and mentorship played a crucial role in my professional growth. I resigned from Virtusa in 2016 as a Lead Consultant to pursue a new opportunity as a Manager of Middleware Operations at LSEG. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that Virtusa provided me. I highly recommend Virtusa to anyone looking to take their career in the field of IT to the next level. The company not only provided me with the technical skills and knowledge required for the job but also helped me to develop soft skills and leadership skills that are vital for success in any field. My time at Virtusa was a defining period of my career and I will always look back at it with fondness.

Here are some cherished moments during my stay at Virtusa.

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