The Power of Peekaboo: How Simple Interactions Can Shape a Child’s Development

You might think it sounds impossible if I were to tell you that a game of peek-a-boo could alter the course of history. I’m here to demonstrate that it isn’t, though. Scientists have shown that child health and development, particularly the development of their brains, depend greatly on the first five years of life. When Thinuka (My Son) was born, he was a little baby who frequently cried. But as he’s gotten older, he’s begun to chuckle and make silly sounds. Even though we can see and hear these changes, there is much more going on internally. Younger than at any other age, our brains grow the quickest.

But in order for this growth to be healthy, they need your assistance. Children’s minds and general growth depend on five crucial factors: relating to others, conversing, playing, maintaining a healthy home, and participating in a community. These things all support them in realizing their greatest potential. Scientists refer to this as “serve and return,” which is just a fancy way of stating that when you interact with children, talk to them, and play with them, it strengthens their bonds with one another and teaches them vital life lessons that they’ll need as they become older. For instance, copycat games foster empathy and imagination, whereas name games foster vocabulary and focus. And activities like peekaboo actually strengthen their memory and confidence.

But it’s crucial to keep in mind that children require these connections frequently and early. Children may become confused and stressed when the link is severed. Adults can occasionally use their devices, but children are predisposed to look for meaningful connections. Therefore, it’s crucial to schedule time for play and interaction with your kids. And it goes beyond the time that they spend together. The calibre of that time is very important. So put your electronics away, look your kids in the eye, and be fully present with them.

Making a healthy home for your children is also crucial. This entails offering a secure atmosphere with an abundance of food, clothing, and affection. Additionally, it’s crucial to be a part of a community. It provides kids with a sense of community and teaches them how to participate in something bigger than themselves.

So what can you do to influence a child’s life in a positive way? Making time for play and interaction with your kids can be a good place to start. Also, keep in mind that it’s not only about how much time you spend together. The calibre of that time is very important. Be present, make eye contact, and put your devices away. Make a healthy home for your kids and give them a sense of belonging in the neighbourhood. The development of a child and, ultimately, the type of adult they will become, can be greatly influenced by these modest activities.

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